DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER - Garden Roof Applications

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DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER protects the primary waterproofing layer from construction traffic during the installation process and from penetration by aggressive plant roots. With DELTA®-FLORAXX and DELTA®-BIOTOP, it is part of the premium DELTA® Garden Roof System. DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER - Garden Roof Applications


DELTA®-Root Barrier is a flat PE sheet specially stabalized for long term durability and strength. It comes in large rolls to minimize overlaps and maximize production. DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER is ideal for protecting primary waterproofing membranes in a garden roof application. It allows free drainage and is impact resistant.


DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER is a special 15 mil (380 µm) stabalized polyethylene design to be strong, tear-resistant, and root-resistant. Its superior strength is designed to protect the waterproofing membrane from aggressive plant roots. It will not absorb water and is non-toxic.


DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER is easy to apply and comes in extra wide rolls to minimize overlaps and application time. Simply roll it out and unfold it over the waterproofing membrane. DELTA®-ROOT BARRIER will act as a protection course and will not absorb water.

Technical Data

Color Green tint
Thickness > 0.015 in (> 380 µm)
Chemical properties Resistant to chemicals
Root-penetration resistant
Does not rot when in contact with soil
Toxicity Non-toxic, non-polluting
Temperature resistance -22°F to +122°F (-30°C to +50°C)
Roll dimensions 84" (U-folded) x 98' (2.13 m x 29.8 m)
Product dimensions (unfolded) 168" x 98' (4.26 m x 29.8 m)
Coverage per product roll 1,372 ft2 (127.5 m2)
Weight per roll Approx. 100 lbs / roll
Service life expectancy > 25 years (at pH between 4 and 9 and temperature below 122°F / 50°C). The product must not be in contact with metal. Do not expose to UV light for longer than 7 days.